There are four A divisions. Electees are required to earn 20 points from the division they are assigned. Each division will offer approximately 40 points to give electees ample opportunity to earn the necessary points.

Electees must be active in one of the following divisions:

Healing AnimalsPediatricsHealth and WellnessStop Cancer
Healing Animals division is devoted to developing both the positive impact that humans can have on the health care of animals and also the positive impact that animals can have on the healthcare of humans.

Meet The Directors

Alexis Trumbull

Hailey Durant

Contact Healing Animals: [email protected]

The Pediatrics division is devoted to helping kids with disabilities and illnesses  both in the community and at Shands Children's Hospital by raising awareness of childhood diseases and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Meet The Directors

Shante Lewis

Amanda Gerulski

Contact Pediatrics: [email protected]

The Health and Wellness division is devoted to promoting awareness related to the importance of living a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

Meet The Directors

Andrea Javier

Anthony Avila

Contact Health and Wellness: [email protected]

The Stop Cancer division is devoted to both Adults and Children who suffer from all types of cancer. Its goal is not only to inform the community about the risks of cancer but also to encourage a healthy way of life.

Meet The Directors

Parker Quinlan

Lauren Herwitz

Contact Stop Cancer: [email protected]