There are six miscellaneous divisions outside of A and Z divisions. Electee requirements are variable by division and include the following division requirements:

  1. Attend at least two socials
  2. Attend at least two intramural activities
  3. Earn at least two Public Relations points
  4. Complete at least one fiscal event
  5. Earn at least eight Relay for Life/Diabetes points

Each division will offer far more points than are required giving electees ample opportunity to earn the necessary points.

The miscellaneous divisions include the following:

SocialsIntramuralsPublic RelationsFiscalsPhilanthropyHealth Extern
The socials division plans events for the members and electees of AED in order to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which members and electees can get to know one another.

Meet The Directors

Devin Gantzios

Rachel Carr

Contact Socials: [email protected]

Every semester AED participates in three different intramural sports. These sports can include Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Indoor/Outdoor Soccer, Indoor/Sand Volleyball, and Basketball. This division gives the unique chance to exercise, have fun, and interact with fellow members.

Meet The Directors


Contact Intramural Basketball: [email protected]
Contact Intramural Football: [email protected]
Contact Intramural Soccer: [email protected]
Contact Intramural Softball: [email protected]
Contact Intramural Ultimate Frisbee: [email protected]
Contact Intramural Volleyball: [email protected]
Contact Intramural Kickball: [email protected]

Public Relations promotes and manages communication between AED and the public. This division helps AED gain exposure and promotes the overall well-being of the organization.

Meet The Directors

Chelsi Quo

Kristen Wyckoff

Contact Public Relations: [email protected]

Participating in fiscals makes money for division budgets and socials. During a fiscal AED members and electees work concession stands at various University of Florida sporting events including football, basketball, baseball, and softball games.

Meet The Directors

Andrew McCabe

Priya Atodaria

Yassine Lahlou


Contact Fiscals: [email protected]

The Philanthropy division is active in the Fall and Spring semesters. This division includes various fundraising events culminating in a 5K run at the end of the semester which raises money for the Florida Diabetes Camp.

Meet The Directors

Kevin Bode

Laura Cordero

Cathy Santos

Contact Impact Gainesville: [email protected]

Health Extern is a members-only division that is dedicated to pairing up AED members with health professionals around the community for shadowing. It provides members with a unique experience in the medical field.

Meet The Directors

Irazu Guinan

Lydia Mansour

Contact Health Extern: [email protected]


Useful Links

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