There are four Z divisions. Electees are required to earn 10 points from the division they are assigned. Each division will offer approximately 20 points to give electees ample opportunity to earn the necessary points.

Electees must be active in one of the following divisions:

The SAID (Students Advocating Informed Decisions) division's goal is to encourage both UF students and members of the community to make smart and healthy decisions by informing them about the risks and consequences associated with alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, etc.

Meet The Directors

Albert Brotgandel

Alex Erb

Contact SAID: [email protected]

The SAiM (Student Arts in Medicine) division is devoted to enhancing the lives of others in the Gainesville community through the use of therapy in the arts. SAiM’s semester activities include Sunday Sweets, Dance for Diabetes, and participation with the Boys and Girls Club.

Meet The Directors

Barbara Prol

Monia Yassa

Contact SAIM: [email protected]

The S.P.O.R.T.S. division focuses on using recreation and activity as a means of therapy. Events include wheelchair basketball, after school disability programs, and cancer walks, among others.

Meet The Directors

Coulson Canty

Jenny Kudja

Contact SPORTS: [email protected]

The HOPE (Health Outreach for Progression and Equality) division is devoted to service in our local community. HOPE seeks to help the underserved and forgotten members of our community that are also in need of service.

Meet The Directors

Sarah Klein

Gabe Noguera

Contact HOPE: [email protected]