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For the national and chapter numbers what should I put?

Sofia Lopez

From: Delaney Waggoner <[email protected]>;
Sent: Saturday, February 9, 2019 12:01:01 PM
To: Electee Class
Subject: National Member Form


Hi Everyone!

Hopefully I had the chance to meet all of you these past couple of days, but if not my name is Delaney and I am the Secretary! So one thing that I am going to need from you this semester are your National Member Forms. This form is what we submit to the National AED Chapter and allows you to become an official National Member. The form is attached below and must be printed out and brought to me by GBM 1 (2/14) Yes, that is next week! 
Here are some pointers for filling it out!
- It is EXTREMELY important that everything on this form be typed! Adobe Acrobat seems to always work the best. 
- If you cannot figure out how to do the digital signature, you may sign the page in pen!
- the AED Chapter is Florida Alpha
- the present address is where YOU currently live
- for your graduation date, just estimate! It does not have to be exact. For example 05/01/2020
- the Date of Initiation is the date of Banquet, 04/25/2019
- PLEASE be careful when entering your GPA! If you put anything below a 3.2 they will reject you :(, so double check for typos! :)

It does not take long so please make sure it is ready by next Thursday! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. :)

See you on Thursday for your first GBM! 💓


Delaney Waggoner

(904) 378-6719
[email protected]

Chapter Secretary - Alpha Epsilon Delta
The Pre-Professional Honor Society - Florida Alpha Chapter
J.W. Reitz Union BCLS Room 2012, Gainesville, FL 32611