General Pre-Professional Information

General information for Pre-Professional students at UF.

Can research count towards my credits for pre-med?

You can take credit for research through the college of medicine. A total of 6 hours can be earned during your undergraduate career, and only 2 per semester.

How are minors/double majors viewed?

They do not dramatically increase your chances, but do show commitment. If you are interested in the subject then go ahead and complete them, but don't do them just for graduate school admissions.

How many credits should I take a semester?

The best amount suggested from pre-health advising is to take 15-17 credits a semester. Taking 17 credits is a lot especially if you are piling on hard classes. Moreover, if you are adding volunteering, research, and a job the credits should be a low amount to alleviate stress. Professional schools know what your extracurricular activities and credits for the semester are from the application. As for research, you can take credit for research that counts towards your science g.p.a through the college of medicine.

Medical College Forum Information

February 2014

  • Classes are online or live

  • Most schools are rolling admissions

  • No set way to study for the MCAT

  • Spice up your application during a gap year

    • E.g.- Master’s program, research, volunteering

  • It is essential to have good time management in medical school

    • Sheer volume of information

    • Good teamwork skills

  • 3rd year of medical school is a big adjustment

    • Start of rotations in hospitals/clinics and specialities

  • Manage stress during MCAT studying

    • Helps relieve the brain and gives more motivation

  • Most applicants apply to 15+ schools

  • Good undergraduate classes to supplement medical school are neuroscience and immunology

    • Hard and time-consuming classes

  • is a very valuable website that has interview feedback, school information, and requirements for medical schools

  • Secondary applications are generally similar for every school

  • Review application responses before interviews

    • Helps refresh your memory on what they know

    • The interviewers may refer to answers you put

  • Practice mock interviews

    • Use advisors and professionals as a source for interviews

  • Give honest answers. Above all be yourself

  • Do not over prepare. It will make you nervous and picky about your answers, instead of being relaxed and confident

  • Medical school will make you like Neo from the Matrix

    • change is good, medical school will change you

  • Medical school is not as bad as you would expect

    • Just a lot of studying and information compiled into a short time frame.