General AED Information

General information about membership in the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Professional Honor Society.

Are there any leadership opportunities?

You can apply to become a director of a division at the end of each semester, even right after your electee semester.

How do I apply?

Applications are open toward the beginning of every semester. Apply by filling out the electee application available on our website. To become an electee some requirements must be met:

You must have completed two semesters of college, not including high school credit, with at least one semester completed at UF.

Have a minimum overall and science G.P.A. of 3.2

Complete an interview with current AED directors and executive board members.

Visit our 'How to Apply' page for more information

How will AED benefit me?

AED benefits you in a variety of ways. It is a nationally recognized organization for pre-health, it helps boost your resume with essentials towards professional school, and it builds one’s character. AED is determined to help you build your start towards professional schools, and all it takes is one step into this prestigious organization.

What divisions are in AED?

A Divisions:

  • Healing Animals- Members and electees volunteer at animal sanctuaries and farms all across Alachua County. Volunteers are able to see adorable animals and help maintain the landscapes at all sanctuaries and farms. Some highlight events include: Single Vision, Mill Creek Horse Farm, and Rooterville Pig Farm
  • Pediatrics- Members and electees volunteer at Shands and various organizations to take care of infants and adolescents who are afflicted by medical illnesses. Some highlight events include: Give Kids the World, Shands Hospital events, and Bone Marrow Drives.
  • Stop Cancer- Raising awareness about cancer and helping out those afflicted. Many events are directed towards raising money for research and various organizations. Some highlight events include: Light the Night, Ronald McDonald House, and Shand Hospital events.
  • Health and Wellness- Advocating good health throughout the entire community. Events are directed towards 5K runs and helping our youth throughout the community in education and wellness. Some highlight events include: Color Vibe 5k, Kids Count, and tutoring at Girls Place.

Z divisions:

  • SAID- Advocates informed and educated decisions to help protect our youth and practice safe sex. Some highlight events include: Condom Nights, Lake Wauberg clean-up, and Youth Awareness Fair.
  • SPORTS- Play sports with special need kids and support good health for children and teens. Some highlight events include: TOPSoccer and Balance 180
  • SAIM- Arts in Medicine is the name of the game. Helping patients embrace art and caroling makes this division fun. Some highlight events include: Bank Night, Empty Bowls, and Charlie’s Corner Concert
  • HOPE- Volunteering all around Alachua county in various organizations. This divisions supports the underserved and those who may fall in the cracks of other service organizations. Events range from building homes to helping restore farms. Some highlight events include: Habitat for Humanity, Dudley Farms, and Noche de Gala.

Other divisions:

  • Socials- The socials division plans events for the members and electees of AED in order to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which members and electees can get to know one another.
  • Intramurals- Every semester AED participates in three different intramural sports. These sports can include Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Indoor/Outdoor Soccer, Indoor/Sand Volleyball, and Basketball. This division gives the unique chance to exercise, have fun, and interact with fellow members.
  • Public Relations- Public Relations promotes and manages communication between AED and the public. This division helps AED gain exposure and promotes the overall well-being of the organization.
  • Fiscals- Participating in fiscals makes money for division budgets and socials. During a fiscal AED members and electees work concession stands at various University of Florida sporting events including football, basketball, baseball, and softball games.
  • Relay for Life- The Relay for Life division is active each Spring semester and includes fundraising events and participating with the AED team for UF’s Relay for Life, which raises funds for the American Cancer Society. AED has been the top fundraising team at UF for the past two years!
  • Diabetes- The Diabetes division is active in the Fall semesters. This division includes various fundraising events culminating in a 5K run at the end of the semester which raises money for the Florida Diabetes Camp.
  • Health Extern- Health Extern is a members-only division that is dedicated to pairing up AED members with health professionals around the community for shadowing. It provides members with a unique experience in the medical field.
What if I cannot attend the meetings on Thursdays this semester?

Attending meetings are a critical aspect of AED and therefore if unable to attend you won't be eligible to apply this semester. However, meetings are always on Thursday night so in the future you can attempt to schedule around Thursday nights and apply then. The only excuse to miss a meeting is for exams and you are required to inform the Electee VP or the Member VP about the matter.

What is AED?

AED or Alpha Epsilon Delta is a pre-health honor society dedicated to volunteering, research, shadowing, and leadership. We volunteer all over Alachua county and have eight divisions with volunteer activities. Besides service events we have monthly socials, big/littles, intramural activities, fiscals, and a great member base to be friends with.

What responsibilities would I have in the organization?

As an electee you are expected to complete:

30 volunteer hours (Organized by AED A and Z Divisions)

2 PR points

2 Social events

2 Intramurals

1 Fiscal

All Relay or Diabetes Requirements

As a member you are expected to complete:

10 volunteer hours (Organized by AED A and Z Divisions)

1 PR point

2 Socials

2 Intramurals

1 Fiscal

All Relay or Diabetes Requirements

When are the meetings?

Meetings are every other week on Thursday nights. They start at 7 and last for approximately 2 hours.