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[AED] Kickin’ It Up

WE'RE BACK SPORTY PEOPLE!  Correction to the previous email. We will meeting at the Reitz loop at 2:30 NOT 1:30 to drive out to San Felasco Park. Hope to see you guys there!... READ MORE

Newsletter 4

Current Events Cool New Method for Preventing the Transmission of mtDNA Diseases from Mother to Offspring Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is comprised of 16, 596 base pairs that code for 37 genes. It is... READ MORE

Upcoming Events

Incredible’s Assassin (1)


Honey, where's my super suit???   IG Films Presents: The Incredibles Attention heroes, Metroville needs your help! Suit up and join Dash, Violet, Frozone, Elastigirl, and Mr. Incredible to help take... READ MORE

Youth Combine (1)


Youth Combine is an organization that works to provide youth with the opportunity to be outside with their friends, empowered with a strong foundation of health, education, and mentorship from... READ MORE

Wear Your Letters Wednesday! (0.5)


Make 3 posts on Instagram or Facebook on 3 different Wednesdays with a photo of yourself wearing AED letters. Team up with other AED friends in your pictures too! Sorry electees, you... READ MORE

Baseball Social (1)


Hey batter batter hey batter batter SWINGGGG.... Come out and join Socials to watch UF's baseball game take on UNF's team. This event is completely FREE, juts make sure to... READ MORE

Past Events

Basketball Game 3 (1)


Trotters (2-0) vs Ta! (2-1) After coming off a bye week, the Trotters look to keep up their excellent play against divisional foe Ta!. Their last game was a hard-fought win... READ MORE

Pulsera Project Tabling (2-4)


Come join us in empowering local artisans from Central America by selling their handmade bracelets at Turlington. We’ll be making the world more colorful one bracelet at a time! :D READ MORE

Outdoor Soccer Game #5 (1)


Big Kick Energy VS  AMSA SPORTS Wear RED, bring cleats (or athletic shoes), shin guards, water, and your Gator1 ID!   G E T    P U M P E D ! ! !   READ MORE

Beach Volleyball Game #1 (1)


Hellooooo Volleyballers of AED! Come out and get sandy with the AED ATPaces for our first game of the season! The ATPaces hope to bring the first ever Intramural Championship to our... READ MORE

Ronald McDonald House (2)


Hey there AED chefs, who's down to cook? HOPE will be heading out to the Ronald McDonald House Feb. 18th to cook and serve a nice meal for the residents... READ MORE

Hope Lodge (3)


Better spa(get)ti ready for this classic Stop Cancer collab with Saim! We'll be cooking a yummy pasta dinner for the residents at Hope Lodge, a part of the American Cancer Society that... READ MORE

Big/Little Speed Dating (1)


Come on out & see if you can find your future Big or Little(s)! We will have groups of members and electees pair up so you all will be able... READ MORE