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[AED] Kickin’ It Up

WE'RE BACK SPORTY PEOPLE!  Correction to the previous email. We will meeting at the Reitz loop at 2:30 NOT 1:30 to drive out to San Felasco Park. Hope to see you guys there!... READ MORE

Newsletter 4

Current Events Cool New Method for Preventing the Transmission of mtDNA Diseases from Mother to Offspring Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is comprised of 16, 596 base pairs that code for 37 genes. It is... READ MORE

Upcoming Events

March of Dimes Color Walk (7)


Join us at Flavet Field right on campus to help out the March of Dimes Collegiate Council march against preterm birth! This 5K will help support the lives of healthy... READ MORE

Retirement Home for Horses (4)


Retirement Home for Horses at Mill Creek Farm is a non profit sanctuary for elderly horses. They provide lifelong care for elderly horses that have been neglected, abused or seized... READ MORE

Soccer Tennis (1)


Soccer. Tennis. Kicking a soccer ball over a tennis net. HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Bring your competitiveness to the Southwest Rec Tennis Courts and earn that IM point! READ MORE

Recess Day #3 (1)


Come to flavet field to play 'blind fly' and Keep up/Tips! We will also have other sports equipment to play with. Let Mehdi or Salina know if you have any... READ MORE

Paint the Norman Tunnel (2)


Calling all artists, designers, or anybody that can hold a paint brush! Join SAID as we spread good vibes and our message to all that walk through the legendary Norman... READ MORE

EMR workshop with Pro Dev (2)


We will be working with UF EMR to bring you a class on how to handle medical emergencies. During this event you will learn a lot of awesome skills that... READ MORE

Past Events

Baby Gator (3)


Aaaand the grand finale for Peds events is... Baby Gator! Baby Gator is a child development center for children of parents affiliated with the University of Florida. Even though this... READ MORE

HOPE Oak Hammock crafts (2)


Come out to this awesome 2 point event where we will be making crafts with the residents at the amazing assisted living facility!!!! @Electees we know you need your points... READ MORE

Movie Night w SAIM (1)


What's a better way to spend your night than watching movies with all your favorite people?? Sign up under SAiM's event! via GIPHY READ MORE

Aces in Motion (3)


Let's cause a racket! Join us in giving back to Gainesville's underserved community through this amazing tennis event. We're going to be helping out and participating in a tennis practice,... READ MORE