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[AED] Kickin’ It Up

WE'RE BACK SPORTY PEOPLE!  Correction to the previous email. We will meeting at the Reitz loop at 2:30 NOT 1:30 to drive out to San Felasco Park. Hope to see you guys there!... READ MORE

Newsletter 4

Current Events Cool New Method for Preventing the Transmission of mtDNA Diseases from Mother to Offspring Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is comprised of 16, 596 base pairs that code for 37 genes. It is... READ MORE

Newsletter #3

We hope you all had a great spring break. Here is our next newsletter!   Current Events Gray Hair Gene Scientists have discovered a gene on chromosome six that is responsible for grey... READ MORE

Newsletter #2

  Welcome to the second newsletter of the semester! Here you will find current events in healthcare, tips for creating a successful cover letter, and advice about taking gap years.   Current Events... READ MORE

Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first newsletter of the semester! Here you will find current events in healthcare, tips for applying to professional school, and advice about taking gap years. Current Events Color changing Band-Aid... READ MORE

Upcoming Events

Green Dot Submissions (0.5-1)


SAID is having an ongoing point opportunity, where you all will be able to submit your own Green Dots.  At the end of the semester, we are going to have... READ MORE

HE Approved External Event (0.5)


We've compiled a list of awesome and educational events, lectures, and presentations that are happening around Gainesville within the next month. As an incentive for attending, we are offering 0.5... READ MORE

Mentor/Mentee Meetup 2 (0.5)


Join us in HPNP for our second M&M meeting. Hopefully you have been maintaining a relationship with your Mentor/Mentee and are ready to reflect on the successes and hurdles experienced throughout the... READ MORE

GBM #4


Our 4th General Body Meeting. Our guest speaker will be TBA. As always, please arrive as close to 6:30pm as possible so that you have ample time to make purchases, get pizza, and find a seat in the front 6 rows of the auditorium. READ MORE

Past Events

Volleyball Game 4 (1)


Come out to serve some balls out in the sand with your favorite Sand Volleyball Directors. Sign up here and on Imleague if you want to play. Come out and... READ MORE

National Down Syndrome Day Party (4)


Come celebrate Trisomy 21 with us on National Down Syndrome Day at GiGi's Playhouse!  Let's spread awareness for people living with Down Syndrome and for inclusion for all people living... READ MORE

UF College of Medicine Tour (0.5)


Our very own Health Extern alumnus and current UF College of Medicine student, Zack Funk, has graciously offered to give us a tour of the Harrell Medical Education Building. We... READ MORE

Hungry for Bento (0.5-1.5)


Did someone say BENTO?? Buy a meal at the Bento on Archer Road between 5-7pm and show your receipt to either PR director to receive 0.5 PR points! Please make sure... READ MORE