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[AED] Kickin’ It Up

WE'RE BACK SPORTY PEOPLE!  Correction to the previous email. We will meeting at the Reitz loop at 2:30 NOT 1:30 to drive out to San Felasco Park. Hope to see you guys there!... READ MORE

Newsletter 4

Current Events Cool New Method for Preventing the Transmission of mtDNA Diseases from Mother to Offspring Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is comprised of 16, 596 base pairs that code for 37 genes. It is... READ MORE

Newsletter #3

We hope you all had a great spring break. Here is our next newsletter!   Current Events Gray Hair Gene Scientists have discovered a gene on chromosome six that is responsible for grey... READ MORE

Newsletter #2

  Welcome to the second newsletter of the semester! Here you will find current events in healthcare, tips for creating a successful cover letter, and advice about taking gap years.   Current Events... READ MORE

Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first newsletter of the semester! Here you will find current events in healthcare, tips for applying to professional school, and advice about taking gap years. Current Events Color changing Band-Aid... READ MORE

Newsletter #5

Welcome back! This is AED's last newsletter for the semester. Thank you all for the newsletter summary contributions and for reading it. Take a final look at what is new in medicine, tips... READ MORE

Newsletter #4

Welcome back! Below we have AED's fourth newsletter. Find out what's new in medicine, application tips, and who our member spotlight is. Current Events Coffee May Not Risk Irregular Heartbeat, Study Claims Some... READ MORE

Newsletter #3

Health extern proudly presents AED's third newsletter. Find out what's new in medicine and how to stand out as an applicant. There is no member spotlight this week. Current Events Scientists Find Cause... READ MORE

Upcoming Events

TOPSoccer Candy Donation (0.5)


TOPSoccer is an amazing outreach program for special needs children; they are hosting a Halloween event on the 28th and are in desperate need of candy for the event. We... READ MORE

Give Kids the World (9-10)


This is the biggest event of the semester! We will be driving to GTWK in Kissimmee (basically Orlando). Give Kids The World Village is a 79-acre, nonprofit resort in Central Florida... READ MORE

Olympic Games with IG (2)


What do you get when you combine AED with relay races and competition? Olympic Games! Come out and participate in camp style games like water balloon tosses and pie eating... READ MORE

AED Olympics w/ HW/Sports (1)


Remember the good ole days of field days and tug of war? IG, Health & Wellness and Sports are here to bring you back to your summer-camp days! We'll be... READ MORE

AED Olympic Games with IG/H&W (2)


Are you the next Michael Phelps or Simone Biles? Do you have what it takes to go home with gold?! Probably not, but we want you to compete anyway!  ... READ MORE

Halloweener Derby w/ Healing Animals (6)


Racing wiener dogs, puppy costume contest, and your favorite A-division directors what could possibly be better than that?? Healing Animals and Stop Cancer will be partnering up to volunteer with... READ MORE

Halloweener Derby (6)


Whats better than helping Climb for Cancer set up and run an event dealing with dachshunds in costumes?! Nothing We're racing Dachshunds to help raise money for Climb for Cancer's goal to... READ MORE

HPNP Study Week (1-2)


Hey hey everyone! Ready to kill it mid-term week? But not ready to fight a freshman for plugs? We'll be booking the HPNP so you guys have quiet, plug-filled rooms... READ MORE

Past Events

Carson Springs (8)


It's the event so many have been waiting for! Come to Carson Springs and help an event they're throwing. Volunteers will be guarding cages, selling raffle tickets, and getting guests signed... READ MORE

CFC Sports Camp w/ Peds (6)


Always feel like you're waking up too late on the weekends and wasting your time? We have a solution for you! Set your alarm clocks ladies and gents and get... READ MORE

CFC Sports Camp (with SPORTS) (7)


Kids from all over the state of Florida were invited to take part in this fun-filled event free of charge. Boys and girls are going to work with student-athletes from the... READ MORE

Dog Days (4)


For this event we will be helping out with the doggy costume contest, watching the dogs swim in the pool, and helping vendor’s set-up. Join us for a fun, dog-filled... READ MORE

Kiddie Time (5)


As part of the ACORN Clinic Haunted Trail Fundraiser we will be participating in numerous activities at Kiddie Time. Volunteers are requested to wear a Candy Land like outfit for the... READ MORE

H2O Fight (0.5)


The Gators may not be playing this weekend but that doesn't mean that the fun needs to end. Bring your A-game (and your water balloons and water guns) and join PR... READ MORE

Check Yourself (1-3)


As you all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know that testicular cancer is largely a disease of young men and about 1 in every 263... READ MORE