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[AED] Kickin’ It Up

WE'RE BACK SPORTY PEOPLE!  Correction to the previous email. We will meeting at the Reitz loop at 2:30 NOT 1:30 to drive out to San Felasco Park. Hope to see you guys there!... READ MORE

Newsletter 4

Current Events Cool New Method for Preventing the Transmission of mtDNA Diseases from Mother to Offspring Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is comprised of 16, 596 base pairs that code for 37 genes. It is... READ MORE

Upcoming Events

Homeless Hygiene Product Drive (.5-1)


Donate hygiene products for the homeless shelters in Gainesville for half a point each product for a max of 1 point. Any hygiene product is acceptable EXCEPT: ONLY antiperspirant deodorant... READ MORE

Incredible’s Assassin (1)


Honey, where's my super suit???   IG Films Presents: The Incredibles Attention heroes, Metroville needs your help! Suit up and join Dash, Violet, Frozone, Elastigirl, and Mr. Incredible to help take... READ MORE

Donations (1)


This is SPORTS bought point! We are going to be collecting any sports equipment any of you have throughout the entire semester and will be donating it to elementary and... READ MORE

Seaworld (6)


Are you passionate about conservation? Are you eager to learn about how sick, injured and orphaned animals in need have been given a second chance at life? A whopping 33,529 rescues... READ MORE

TREE Project Donation Drive (.5-2)


We are collecting hygiene items for our partners at PCCNCF who are carrying out a donation project called the TREE Project. Products will go straight to HIV/Aids patients in Gainesville... READ MORE

Parker’s Birthday


It's Parker's Birthday! He's turning the big 2-3! This is not an AED affiliated event but we want to wish him Happy Birthday nonetheless! READ MORE

Past Events

Culminating Event (1)


Culminating is MANDATORY unless you have a valid excuse from IG/exec! If you don't attend culminating you must receive 11 points during the semester READ MORE

Camp Boggy Creek (7)


Get Excited for Boggy Creek! This is one of the highlight events this semester. Camp Boggy Creek is a phenomenal organization that we love to work closely with.  They provide a... READ MORE